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challenges it faces. the married is not optimistic. paul called in our seniors new bridge type to go there. i design and has raised enough money for privacy fence tuesday to pay more than two baby angel rope to the government next week the deal means i'm in is dense with peak sun knowing that the region in the expected his act as a saturday that are fake. so after years of live music by far than spikes. today there are positive developments which produces the national debt. the price for the banking crisis the taxpayer rescued by the bargains which four point eight in the innuendo which he used to the guarantee and repayments studies has now been fully reimbursed but it still has a fourteen cent stake worth one point two billion euro. so it's made a profit from buying apartments which is instead a crucial time according to the minister for finance it's a very big and second ep by european standards. and as we exit the bailout obvious to our international colleagues are watching us but more importantly the market is watching us and see us making this baby transaction proceed to private investo
about this and are you today i spoke to paul bennett said to who represents lower paid workers in the service and date are going to be pushing very hard for the critique because they say that what happens at the bottom of the huntington road would have to happen at the top as well. find the imam was enough to keep the news. i'm astonished by the revelations which have taken place over the last number of days. also the victims and a mythical man's reaction and to the dishonor reason to be announced. i'm looking for they are asking questions about the government intends to address the issues that had become knowledge especially liked the fact that their members the domino pay people what i bought into the cool part remains cummings wrote suffolk awesome zoe's in rome old salaries cannot maintain services. saying that the workers on asking questions that i had very important questions said to be answered. they're in this whole thing. they are the booklets be illegal to use them for the dissertation at the forthcoming pc hearing to put the defence committee we still don't know for
and superintendent paul buchanan were shot dead by the ira shot shortly after dundalk garda station. it is the pup report published in the last half of actors peter study found that there was collusion in the cavities but he is not pointed the finger of any individual garda officer or civilian but let's not talk to are the prime cause on the pole rose for more on this poll this report just out of them lasted twenty minutes or so so the law of necessity it's that we be at this stage of pretty pretty early assessment of what it says before the pull of the key conclusions here. what's on the image combines quite donning after the car the conduct of the headquarters this evening hasn't issued a statement yet at the selfish without even giving the report has been published so i add them to do going through them and expect to hear something like that but some of the findings are quite disturbing that there were three former guard the sergeants who i will go on to lead the reds and patient and gave evidence to try doing on the conclusions in relation to them are not very good if it is done often sergeant
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3